Dwarf Conifer Garden- an exciting addition to the plant collection

The Dwarf Conifer garden was added to the Polly Wakefield's arboretum plant collection in the summer of 2018. This garden currently boasts more than 60 dwarf conifer varieties surrounded by many gardens with a broad range of full-size conifers planted with other species. The dwarf conifers were selected for hardiness and year-round display. Polly Wakefield worked with Arnold Arboretum renowned plant propagator Al Fordham, a pioneer in work with dwarf conifers, and began experimenting with dwarf species herself in the late seventies and later creating her “witches garden with dragon gate." Several of her dwarf conifers remain in the gardens today. In 2019, the Dwarf Conifer garden was selected by the American Conifer Society as a Reference Garden for the Northeast Region.

To view or print out our Dwarf Conifer Garden brochure, click here for page 1, and here for page 2. Print two-sided to fold as a brochure.

To view or print out our Dwarf Conifer plant list, click here.


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