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Walden Warming - a lecture by Richard Primack
Apr.13.2020 -
Milton Public Library - Milton
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Hosted by Mary M. B. Wakefield Charitable Trust and Milton Public Library. This event will be held at Milton Public Library, 476 Canton Ave, Milton.
Most people know Henry David Thoreau as a writer and botanist, but he was also a climate change scientist! For the past 17 years, Professor Richard Primack and his team have been using Thoreau's records from the 1850s and other Massachusetts data sources to document the earlier flowering and leafing out times of plants, the earlier flight times of butterflies, and the more variable response of migratory birds. Most noteworthy, plants in Concord are also changing in abundance due to a warming climate. This work has received extensive media coverage as an example of the biological effects of climate change, and is now being extended to the neglected autumn season. What would Thoreau tell us to do about global warming if he were alive today?
This event is free to the public but capacity is limited so pre-registration is required via this link. For more information, call 617-333-0924.


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