Summer Archaeology Institute Wraps Up An Exciting Year

Without a doubt, the summer is whizzing by fast. One significant indication of that is that we've already wrapped up this year's Summer Archaeology Sessions. What a great year it was! Highlights included getting a terrific feature article in the Patriot Ledger along with an accompanying video (if you missed it, click here). Over 10,000 artifacts were "unearthed" and will be catalogued by Boston University's Archaeology Department. Some of the most intriguing finds included a George Washington Inaugural button most likely from 1789, a button with glass mosaic in-lay of a Greco-Roman building that closely resembles another button found nearby during a dig in 2007, and a treasure trove of items that were most likely part of a midden, or buried garbage heap.

Several students from the first session found the process so exciting, they stayed for the second session and have already made plans to return next year! If you know a student who might be interested in joining us for the 2015 Summer Archaeology Institute, call us at 617-333-0924 to get more information.


mosaic_button Dig_shot

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