Summer Archaeology's Treasure Trove-part 2

The 2012 Summer Archaeology Institute concluded in early August after 4 exciting weeks of excavation at a site believed to be the location of the original "summer house." By the end of the 2nd session, the archaeologists had located the original stone foundation of the summer house, which was torn down in the early 20th century. The area was then covered with a trash heap, used as fill to change the grade of the property line. This was no ordinary trash heap, or ordinary family however. For this family, "trash" used as fill included intact porcelain pieces including teapots, slate roof tiles, and even a circa 1820 beaver trap. Normally, at the end of our summer sessions, the students refill the pits. Because of the rich and sensitive nature of this year's "finds," the BU graduate students decided to keep it open in order to continue to excavate and explore this informative site for a few more weeks.

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