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Spring Shearing Day
May.10.2014 -
Isaac Davenport Mansion -
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With the arrival of spring, it is time for the estate's three sheep to be sheared again. Maisy, Daisy and Binney are now three and have grown a heavy coat of fleece since last spring. We've invited Kevin Ford, America's foremost "blade" (hand) sheepshearer, back to shear the three small Shetland ewes, demonstrating traditional techniques rather than  using more modern razors. He has made his living at sheepshearing for over 20 years, and conducts many workshops and public demonstrations. During the 90s, Polly Wakefield kept twenty-five Dorset sheep here the property. We were surprised to discover that it was none other than Kevin who sheared Polly's sheep each spring!

During your visit we hope you'll meet Jack the llama, who may also be sheared that day. There will be a drop spindle spinning demonstration along with some other fun activities. For more information and to register, call 617-333-0924. While this is a free event, donations are always welcome.

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Isaac Davenport Mansion
Isaac Davenport Mansion
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